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Keysight Premium Used

Used Has Never Been So New!

When you buy something used, you expect to make compromises. Our OEM package of quality equipment, extended warranties and excellent technical support drives these compromises to a minimum. And yes, with our selection of Keysight Premium Used instruments, we drive them to zero!

Why Choose Premium Used?

Like New

Fully refurbished at the same site that manufactures our new equipment

Latest Firmware and Software

Every unit is updated to the latest compatible firmware and software

Customized to Order

Hardware/software options and applications, are configured to order

Calibrated to Specs

Every unit is calibrated and tested for safety.

Original Manuals & Accessories

The same brand new accessories and manuals as a new instrument

Like-New Warranty

Premium Used models come with the same warranty as a new instrument

“How you can tell that it is used? By the Keysight Premium Used sticker and the price tag.”

Oliver Wittig
Global eBusiness Manager
Keysight Used Equipment Store

The Industry’s Most Comprehensive Refurbishment Process

See how our Keysight Premium Used equipment undergoes comprehensive refurbishment at the same site that also manufactures our new equipment

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Our refurbishment process

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