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Keysight U4421A


Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser for MIPI & D-PHY Interface

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Keysight U4421A Protocol Analyzer and Exerciser for MIPI & D-PHY Interface
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Key Features

The U4421A MIPI D-PHY Analyzer/Exerciser for CSI-2 and DSI provides deep insight into mobile computing designs. The U4421A MIPI D-PHY Exerciser option for CSI-2 and DSI provides the record length necessary to stimulate designs with high-definition images and video that best simulates traffic from a wide variety of device busses of varying signal performance.

MIPI D-PHY Analyzer

  • Packet-level trigger, filtering, decode and analysis of CSI-2 or DSI traffic
  • Up to 1.5Gb data rate, up to 16GB Trace Depth
  • 1/2/4 Data Channels + CLK
  • “Raw” view of state traffic for additional troubleshooting insight

MIPI D-PHY Exerciser

  • Generate user-defined D-PHY traffic
  • Up to 1.5Gb data rate, up to 16GB Trace Depth
  • Change speed, slew rate, voltage levels and lane skew
  • Flexible pattern creation (through GUI, packet inserter, and image inserter)

Flexible probing options

  • E5381A Flying leads with headers and solder-in connections (Analyzer)
  • E5405A SoftTouch Pro high-density header (Analyzer)
  • SMA to SoftTouch Pro breakout adapter (available from UNH-IOL) (Analyzer)
  • U4422A SMA cable, flying lead connection (Exerciser)

End to end image analysis

  • Option 001 -- Image Inserter
  • Option 003 -- Image Extractor

The MIPI D-PHY-based mobile computing designs create significant challenges -- fast, multi-lane bursts of high-definition images, multi-bus integration, HS/LP signal switching, and accelerating development cycles all add pressure to development teams.

The U4421A MIPI D-PHY Exerciser/Analyzer addresses these challenges by combining a true protocol analyzer -- protocol-aware triggering, filtering, storage qualification and analysis, the first “raw” view of data (an oversampling of states that lets you see they “why” of your protocol, instead of the “what”), and a full-featured protocol exerciser -- all in one instrument.

The U4421A Exerciser/Analyzer is an AXIe-based module that can reside in a 2-slot or 5-slot mainframe. Multiple mainframes and modules can be combined to give you views into multi-bus MIPI systems (combining DSI and CSI-2), or with other AXIe modules, including PCIe, DDR, and HDMI bus analysis. The system can be controlled by an external PC or with an M9536A AXIe embedded controller.

The system’s flexibility is not limited to mainframe configuration. There are many probing options to accommodate a wide variety of cables , vias, traces, sockets, and high-density headers. Expanded lanes and memory, protocol support, and image analysis are all optional and can be upgraded at any time.

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