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Keysight M3201A-CH4


PXIe Arbitrary Waveform Generator / 200 MHz / 500 MSa/s / 16 Bit / 4 Channels

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Key Features


  • 1 slot PXIe 4 channel AWG
  • 500 MSa/s, 16 bit, 200 MHz bandwidth
  • High-quality output signal with low phase noise
  • Includes function generation (sinusoidal, triangular, square, DC) and amplitude, frequency, and phase modulation capability

Performance characteristics

  • Up to 2 GB of onboard RAM (~1 GSa)
  • Optional simultaneous amplitude and phase modulation (DM1)
  • Flowchart style programming enabled by Hardware Virtual Instrument Design Environment (M3601A) provides real-time sequencing, inter-module synchronization and real-time decision making. (M3201A, Option HV1 required)
  • Graphical FPGA Design Environment (M3602A) enables easy customization of the M3201A by the non-FPGA programmer. (M3201A, Option PF1 required)


  • Aerospace Defense
  • Electronic test
  • Communications

The M3201A PXIe arbitrary waveform generator is ideal for general purpose AWG automated test requirements. It offers high channel density with high-quality output with low phase noise. The optional real-time sequencing, intermodulation synchronization, and graphical FPGA programming software tools expand its capability to enable a number of solutions including envelope tracking (ET) and DPD (part of PA/FEM reference solution), MIMO, baseband electronics design, wireless device manufacturing, ATE, beamforming and other multi-channel coherent signal generation and multi-channel signal generation.

Key Documents

Configuration & Options
Installed Options
Four channelsCore
Fixed sampling clock, low jitter
FPGA, Xilinx 7K410T
Addable Options
Combine-ability of the selected addable optionsis subject to a technical check by Keysight.
DM1   From USD* 708.60
Dual modulation capability (amplitude and angle)
FP1   From USD* 0.00
Enabled FPGA programming
HV1   From USD* 355.80
Enabled HVI programming
M01   From USD* 0.00
Memory, 16 MB, 8 MSamples
M12   From USD* 427.80
Memory, 128 MB, 60 MSamples
M20   From USD* 1,274.40
Memory, 2 GB, 1 GSamples

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