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Keysight N5193A-540


UXG Agile Signal Generator / 40 GHz – Frequency range, 10 MHz to 40 GHz

Keysight N5193A-540 UXG Agile Signal Generator / 40 GHz

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Key Features

Keysight N5193A 40GHz UXG agile signal generator.

Specifications and Key Features

  • 10 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range
  • Get closer to reality: simulate increasingly complex signal environments for radar, EW & antenna-test
  • Use pulse descriptor words (PDWs) to generate long pulse trains & individually control pulse characteristics
  • Test sooner & increase confidence in EW systems by generating signal simulations when you need them: the UXG is a scalable threat simulator
  • Accurately simulate multi-threat environments: 180-ns PDW update rate, chirps 10 to 25% of carrier frequency, pulses as narrow as 10 ns

Key Documents

Configuration & Options
Installed Options
Frequency range, 10 MHz to 40 GHzCore
Move all connectors to rear panel
Add mechanical + solid state attenuator assembly
100-pin I/O interface (for binary input)
Wideband chirp
Addable Options
Combine-ability of the selected addable optionsis subject to a technical check by Keysight.
1CM104A   From USD* 21.04
Rack mount flange kit 132.6mm H (3U) - two flange brackets- Palette 2015
1CN107A   From USD* 91.00
Handle kit 132.6mm H (3U) - two front handles- Palette 2015
1CP108A   From USD* 68.90
Rack mount flange and handle kit 132.6mm H (3U) - two brackets and front handles- Palette 2015
1CC131A   From USD* 326.30
LVDS cable, 1.5m length
1CC132A   From USD* 326.30
BCD cable, 1.5m length
1CC133A   From USD* 439.40
10 Gigabit fiber optic cable, 2m length, and two SFP+ transceivers
AT2   From USD* 31,399.55
Add mechanical + solid state attenuator assembly
CC2   From USD* 0.00
50-pin I/O interface (for BCD input)
CC3   From USD* 0.00
10 Gigabit Ethernet I/O interface
EP1   From USD* 14,415.05
Enhanced phase noise
FR1   From USD* 14,415.05
0.001 Hz frequency resolution
N7660B-4FP   From USD* 0.00
Connect to N519xA UXG, fixed perpetual license
N7660B-EFP   From USD* 9,438.00
Multiple emitters from one UXG, fixed perpetual license
N7660B-FFP   From USD* 4,719.00
Multi-channel for AoA and kinematics, fixed perpetual license
N7660B-GFP   From USD* 4,290.00
Polarization, fixed perpetual license
PM1   From USD* 6,292.00
Pulse modulation
SS1   From USD* 18,018.65
1 microsecond switching speed
SS4   From USD* 36,037.95
180ns PDW update rate (normal or list mode) or 370ns latency (fast CW mode)
SSD   From USD* 1,361.75
Additional removable solid state drive
UNT   From USD* 4,332.90
AM, FM, phase modulation, LF output, and narrowband chirp
WC1   From USD* 23,549.50
Wideband chirp

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