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Keysight M8190A-002


Arbitrary Waveform Generator / 12 GSa/s / 2 Channels

Keysight M8190A-002 2 Channels

From USD*42,222.00New Price 70,370.00 USD*

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Key Features

Precision AWG with two DAC settings

  • 14-bit resolution up to 8 GSa/s
  • 12-bit resolution up to 12 GSa/s

High-speed arbitrary waveform generators

  • Variable sample rate from 125 MSa/s to 8 / 12 GSa/s
  • Spurious-free-dynamic range (SFDR) up to 90 dBc typical
  • Up to 2 GSa arbitrary waveform memory per channel with advanced sequencing

Unique Performance – Unique Value

  • Up to 90 dBc SFDR- Tones clearly stand out of noise (Even with thousands of tones)
  • 2 GSa memory per channel- Realistic signal scenarios with long play time
  • 5 GHz analog bandwidth- Mimic analog imperfections with custom ISI

Key applications

  • Radar, Satellite, Electronic Warfare, Multilevel Signals
  • ADC testing (Analog Digital Converter testing), Jitter Margin Testing
  • Digital Video, Noise Power Ratio Measurement, Wireless HD, HDMI, MHL
  • IEEE 802.11ad, CaTV, OFDM, Software Defined Radio

Enhance your reality - with the M8190A 12 GSa/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

From low-observable systems to high-density comms, testing is more realistic with precision arbitrary waveform generation. Now you can take reality to the extreme: A Keysight AWG is the source of greater fidelity, delivering high resolution and wide bandwidth – simultaneously. This unique combination lets you create signal scenarios that push your design to the limit and bring new insight to your analysis. Get bits and bandwidth – and enhance your reality.

Key Documents

Configuration & Options
Installed Options
Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 2 ChannelsCore
12 GSa/s with 12 bit resolution
14 bit resolution with 8 GSa/s
Addable Options
Combine-ability of the selected addable optionsis subject to a technical check by Keysight.
02G   From USD* 0.00
Upgrade from 128 MSa to 2 GSa Memory /Channel
12G   From USD* 5,339.40
12 GSa/s with 12 bit resolution
14B   From USD* 6,160.80
14 bit resolution with 8 GSa/s
AMP   From USD* 4,010.40
Additional AC and DC Amplifier
BU1   From USD* 15,582.00
Bundle 1 consisting of one M9505A 5-slot AXIe Chassis with USB Option and M9537A AXIe Embedded PC Controller
BU2   From USD* 6,326.40
Bundle 2 consisting of one M9502A 2-slot AXIe Chassis with USB Option
DUC   From USD* 7,503.60
Digital Upconversion License for the M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
FSW   From USD* 2,697.60
Fast Switching
LPN   From USD* 54,189.60
Arbitrary Waveform Generator, 2 Channels with Low Phase Noise
SEQ   From USD* 0.00

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