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Keysight E7770A


Common Interface Unit

Keysight E7770A Common Interface Unit

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Key Features

The E7770A Common Interface Unit (CIU) provides a bi-directional intermediate frequency (IF) interface to the device under test by up- or down-converting a sub-6GHz uplink or downlink RF signal into a 6 – 12 GHz IF signal. It also provides control, power and local oscillator frequency input to the M1740A mmWave Transceiver for 5G remote radio heads (RRHs), which up-converts the IF signal to mmWave frequency bands and down-converts the mmWave frequency bands to IF. As an up/down converter and RRH controller, the CIU supports the extension of the frequency coverage from sub-6GHz to high IF (6-12 GHz) and mmWave bands.

The CIU is a key component of a wide range Keysight 5G solutions. These solutions provide the stimulus and analysis capability needed to verify transceiver (Tx) and receiver (Rx) performance of 5G chipsets, devices and base stations.

  • 5G Protocol R&D Toolset
  • 5G RF DVT Toolset
  • PROPSIM 5G Channel Emulation Solutions
  • S9100A 5G Manufacturing Test Solution

Users can validate DUT performance Over-the-Air (OTA) with chambers designed for different for different test cases across the device workflow.

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Channel Card DUT IF
LO Card
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HA1   From USD* 19,033.00
Channel Card
HB1   From USD* 26,646.20
Channel Card DUT IF
HC1   From USD* 26,646.20
Channel Card DUT IF, WLAN test
LA1   From USD* 29,691.20
LO Card
LD1   From USD* 9,135.70
LO distribution card

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