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ID: P08-100329

Keysight N1092A-30A

DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope / Single Optical Channel / 30 GHz Amplified

ID: P08-100329
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified

Keysight N1092A-30A

DCA-M Sampling Oscilloscope / Single Optical Channel / 30 GHz Amplified

Refurbished, like New
Like New Warranty
Accessories Included
KeysightCare available

List Price USD 113,529.00 Save 50%
USD 56,764.50 Excl. taxes.
Not combinable with other discounts.

$20,142 value now $6,848
For professional and industrial use only.
Ships from Malaysia.
Ships to United States within 4 weeks.

Cannot ship to:

European Union

Unit only ships within China.

Unit ships worldwide.

Special Deal
Keysight N1092A-30A 30 GHz Amplified

Keysight Premium Used

Keysight  N1092A-30A


USD 56,764.50 Save 50%

Installed Options

30A30 GHz Amplified
28025 to 29 GBaud filters

Addable Options

16825.78 Gb/s TDEC filter
200Enhanced Jitter Analysis Software, Fixed Perpetual License
201Advanced Waveform Analysis Software, Fixed Perpetual License
206Add 20.6 Gb/s reference receiver
300Advanced Amplitude Analysis/Rin/Q-Factor, Fixed Perpetual License
401Advanced Eye Analysis Software, Fixed Perpetual License
500Productivity Package and TDEC measurement upgrade
9FPPAM-N Analysis SW, Fixed Perpetual License
CRXExtended input rates: 125 MBd to 64 GBd
EFPFlex Eye - Independent Channel Acquisition and Control, Fixed Perpetual License
FS1Fast sampling rate
IRCImpulse response correction to provide ideal channel response
LOJLow jitter timebase
PLKPattern lock trigger hardware
SIMInfiniiSim-DCA Waveform Transformation SW, Fixed Perpetual License
STBStandard timebase
TFPIEEE TDECQ analysis, Fixed Perpetual License

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Product Specifications

High-End Technology In A Compact Form Factor

Built on Keysight's digital communication analyzer (DCA) technology, the DCA-M Series of sampling oscilloscopes the industry standard for verifying optical transmitter compliance. With single to quad optical channels in a compact form factor, the DCA-M is ideal for both manufacturing and R and D applications. Analyze both multi-mode and single-mode signals with the low-noise, high-sensitivity calibrated reference receivers. The variety of models along with the supporting software and compliance applications ensure you can measure with high precision, whether you analyze electrical or optical devices.

  • High sensitivity with <5 uW noise
  • Fast throughput with high 250 kHz sample rate
  • Accurate high data-rate analysis with <200 fs jitter
  • Small footprint from compact design
  • Unfiltered bandwidth >40 GHz (option 40A)
  • Integrated clock recovery available (option CDR)


Standard accessories included.

For additional accessories, please search Keysight Accessories

Ready To Get Started?

What You Get

  • Keysight N1092A-30A Digital Waveform Analysis
  • Fresh Calibration
  • Like-New standard accessories
  • Like-New Warranty
  • Agreed-On configuration

What You Can Add

  • Extended Warranty
  • KeysightCare Assured / Extended
  • Calibration Plan
  • Software (depending on model)

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What are the main differences between Keysight New, Keysight Premium Used & Keysight Used equipment?

  Keysight New Keysight Premium Used Keysight Used
Savings None Up to 70% Up to 90%
Condition New Like New Working Condition ¹
Firmware Latest Updated As is
Calibration Full Full As listed
Accessories New New As listed
Warranty 1 to 5 Years ² Like New 90 Days Warranty
Customization Possible Possible Limited

Learn more about Keysight Premium Used Here

Can I configure a unit to meet my personal needs?

Customization is generally possible with our Keysight Premium Used equipment. The majority of our Keysight Premium Used equipment can be configured just the way you need it. Options can be added at additional cost.
Customizing Keysight Premium Used equipment might change the delivery and lead time of the item.

Some Keysight Used products cannot be customized. Use the contact option on the product page to check with the our eStore team.

What accessories are included?

Keysight Premium Used equipment typically comes with the same accessories and warranty as new products.

Can you include other accessories?

We currently only offer those accessories which are part of the listing. Other accessories can be purchased separately at extra cost with your purchase of a Keysight Used or Keysight Premium Used unit.

Please mention in the comment field which additional accessories or support you are interested in.

For seperate or post-purchase ordering, please contact your local Keysight office or Keysight Partner here. Or check our online store if available for your region here.

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