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High-Performance BERT

Trade in your eligible Keysight or Anritsu BERT and receive a credit up to 30% towards the purchase of a new M8040A High-Performance BERT.

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I want to purchase a M8040A and trade in

Trade in your eligible Keysight or Anritsu BERT and receive a credit up to 30% towards the purchase of a new M8040A High-Performance BERT.

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29 December 2023
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Credit values are based on typical configurations and average list prices, and apply to models with matching frequency range (and port or channel count where applicable).

Evolve with the standards

As computing standards such as PCIe, USB, and thunderbolt evolve, test equipment must be updated to support the newer generations of those standards. Transitioning from the M8020A to the M8040A enables verification, characterization, and compliance testing of the latest generation computing standards. Additionally, if you adopt PAM-4 datacenter technologies such as 400G, you are able to characterize those with the same M8040A modules via software licenses. Keep your test equipment up to date and evolve with the standards of the industry.

New & Improved Features Benefits

  1. Keysight is the only vendor that offers the entire BERT ecosystem (oscilloscope + BERT HW + automation SW + ISI + accessories). This means the entire system is built and optimized to work together to improve efficiency.
  2. The same hardware is software upgradeable from NRZ (PCIe, USB, TBT, etc.) to PAM4 (100GbE, 400GbE, etc.).
  3. The M8040A now supports error analysis up to 58 Gbaud PAM-4 / 64 Gbaud NRZ. This includes increased speeds for the clock recovery and equalization as well.


M8020A 30%

MP1900A 25%

Terms and Conditions

  • Trade-In credits for this special promotion may be subject to change without notice, at Keysight’s discretion
  • Credit ranges apply to Trade-In models with the matching or similar frequency range (and port or channel count where applicable)
  • The Trade-In unit(s) must be in working condition without major esthetic and physical damages to receive the full credit
  • Credits apply to the new Keysight product and hardware options included in the offer; not to Keysight software or hardware items bought with the same order but with a separate model number
  • Credit values are approximate and may vary by currency and country, for one new and one Trade-In unit, and may change any time without prior notice
  • The Trade-In credit and purchase agreement (PA) discounts may be combinable






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Trade-In Process

Realizing hidden value in underutilized instruments is easier than you think. Our Trade-In specialists will assist you in maximizing the value of your instruments when you trade them in against a new Keysight instrument.

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We will let you know what credit we can offer, based on configuration and condition.

3 Order Placement

Finalize your order, deduct your credit, and pay less for the latest technology.

4 Get New Keysight Solution

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5 Trade-In Unit Return

Send your Trade-In unit back to Keysight, or depending on your geographic region, a pick-up can be arranged.

“My team and I will assist you with your trade-in related questions. It’s a straightforward process and we want to make it easy for you.”


Keysight’s Trade-In Program is the most comprehensive and well established trade in program in the test and measurement industry. Keysight adheres to all local tax and trade requirements, and through the global nature of our remarketing operations, and as the OEM, Keysight can offer very attractive credits to help you maximize the residual value on your trade in unit(s) when migrating to the latest Keysight technology.

Keysight Trade-in helps to dispose of, or realize value in your outdated or underutilized assets. Maintaining outdated or underutilized equipment is often not cost-effective, trading in such instruments can free up OpEx budget for more important projects. At the same time, Trade-In helps you create CapEx, especially in difficult times of budget-constraints. Trade-In credits can be used in conjunction with discounts, to reduce the cost of acquiring new test and measurement solutions further than discounts alone could.

AMERICAS: Canada, Mexico, United States

EUROPE: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

ASIA PACIFIC & JAPAN: Australia, China (including Hongkong, S.A.R. and Taiwan/China), India*, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand

 (*Some special conditions apply.)

Keysight will provide official quotations for the full value of the instrument to be purchased in addition to a credit note quotation for the instrument to be traded in.

Your trade-in instrument is considered in “Good working condition” if it powers up, passes its start-up performance tests without error, and is free of any significant cosmetic damage beyond normal wear and tear. The instrument does not require a current calibration certificate. All standard original accessories, parts and components that were shipped when the instrument was new are required, there should be no items missing that would limit the instrument's ability to function normally.