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Used R&S®SMW200A Deals

Used Vector Signal Generators at great savings. A smart alternative to new.

Why We Are Selling Used Equipment from Other Manufacturers

  • Why does Keysight sell used products from other manufacturers? Where do they come from?

    Whether it is startups, smaller labs or the education sector, many of our customers are operating on tighter budgets. We want to provide them with cost-saving, but high-quality options.

    To do so, we manage the industry's broadest trade-in program, allowing buyers to receive as much as 40% credit towards new Keysight solutions. In order to make the transition to a new instrument with the right functionality easier for our customers, we accept a wide range of Keysight-manufactured as well as non-Keysight equipment for trade in.

    These instruments are sturdy and, with some testing and calibration, will serve the next user well for many years to come. Used Equipment reduces waste and gives a second life to fully functioning equipment.


Why does Keysight sell products from other manufacturers?

We manage the industry's broadest trade-in program and therefore receive thousands of instruments that are traded towards Keysight solutions. All incoming used equipment undergoes performance checks and, if in good condition, is remarketed on multiple channels such as this Multi-Vendor Outlet on eBay. A dedicated remarketing team enables us to provide you with quality offers of used equipment from Keysight (formerly Agilent) and other manufacturers.

What is the warranty on the products?

The warranty is mentioned in each listing. Typically it is 30 days. Warranty period starts with receipt of the item.

Is the warranty valid worldwide?

Yes the warranty is valid worldwide. Service will be provided from the next local Keysight Service Center. These locations can be found on our web-portal Infoline.

Can I configure the unit to meet my personal needs?

A configuration is not possible. It would need to be purchased from the respective OEM separately.

What accessories are included?

The accessories that are included are mentioned in each listing. If we state “No Accessories included”, we really mean no accessories. We are offering basically just the unit that is shown on the pictures.

Can you include other accessories?

We currently only offer those accessories which are part of the listing.

“At Keysight we help customers migrate to the latest Keysight solutions. Non-Keysight equipment that is returned to us and meets our standards is offered back to the market by us.”

Julian Meyer
Multi-Vendor Outlet Manager

What is a signal generator?

A signal generator generates a waveform with set properties, such as amplitude, frequency, and shape. This allows you to create a controlled stimulus for a device or component under test, ensuring it receives and processes the wave or pulse as intended. Signal generators like the R&S®SMW200A are routinely used when designing, manufacturing, testing, troubleshooting, servicing, calibrating or repairing electronic devices.

There are many different types of signal generators, each usually designed for a specific purpose, application and budget. Some provide RF or audio signals, others generate functions, microwave signals, arbitrary waveforms, or digital patterns, among many others.

What is an RF signal generator used for?

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave signal generators are widely used for testing radio equipment of any sort. This includes cellular and communications equipment, for example broadcast transmitters and receivers, or wireless products such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

While they generally have similar features and capabilities, the difference between RF and microwave signal generators is their frequency range. Additionally, they can be further subcategorized into analog or digital signal generators. The latter, which is also known as a vector signal generator, can employ an especially large number of modulation formats due to their digital technology.

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